14 Aug 2005

Am I still united to you if I disagreed?

Submitted by theshovel
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If I disagreed with some points of 'doctrine' (yuk, for want of a better word) - about 'the earthly Jesus' I would still be united to you and everyone else in the Truth-(Christ) wouldn't I? Even if my way of thinking was thought to be wrong by others, or maybe even you? -I feel free to think differently now, but I also feel united to everyone in Christ. I feel so non-religious! I don't even think of myself in terms of a christian. Do you think I've gone too far? -I don't feel that I have. I'ts even Ok to get it wrong, or not have all the answers, isn't it? It's not even about what I 'think' is it? Suzanne

Hi Suzanne,

As far as points of disagreement go, just remember that your union in Christ - together with all who are in him - was not brought about because you came to agree upon a particular number of things. You have been one with him and with me and all in Christ because of the miraculous work of Christ when his spirit came in to you and made you alive!

I am so encouraged to hear the faith and hope coming through you in asking these things in the way you have, for it tells me that you are seeing this life in spite of all the boxes demanded by the religious system. :)

Love, Jim

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