1 Jan 2000


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"Anointing" is a word used very much in charismatic and Pentecostal circles, but is often used to mean only the anointing of Jesus or those God has appointed to lead the flock. But the word means "Christ," and "Christ" means "the anointed one." Those in Christ are anointed because they are in Christ and Christ is in them. That is what the above passage means, I believe. We ALL have "the anointing." We are His body. We are to grow and be transformed in His image. We cannot do so if we are stifled by mere man trying to take over the work of God within us. This passage in conjunction with Paul's teachings on "Christ in you" teaches me that every single Christian has the anointing. We are listen to God, not man. I believe that, if we listen to God, He will lead us into perfect wholeness and unity with our brethren. anonymous

This is so cool. Oh, yeah, I remember the intimidation of these verses about the anointing.

To add to your comments: In the times before Christ when a person was anointed with oil, it made an obvious statement to everybody involved. Whoever got the anointing was the one who was chosen by God to represent Him and the oil was a picture of the Spirit of God coming upon that person. The use of this anointing spread to many diverse cultures because the picture was so strong. Politicians, as well as religious leaders have sought for this anointing so that they would be validated among the people and their peers.

Anointing validates those anointed as being loved and chosen by God. It is the declaration that they are pleasing to Him. How precious it has become to me to know that it is the across-the-board reality of all who are in Christ. You are so right, it is this anointing that teaches us all things and it teaches us that we will continue to be in HIM. Freedom!!! When I know that you do not need ME to teach you I am free to witness to the reality of Christ and be confident that he uses it how he will. :)


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