1 May 2003

An equation?

Submitted by theshovel
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Dear Jim, If I will translate John 10:30 into an equation, will it be something like this? I (Jesus, son of God) and the Father are one. God the Son = God the Father. Is that similar if I say I (Pepe) and Jose (my other name) are one (except I can't be at different places at the same time)? If that is the case, God the Father was also crucified because He is also God the Son (Jesus). This is quite a controversial topic. Other Christian Denomination (i.e. Jehovah's witness) only view Jesus Christ as the son of God. Please increase my belief and awareness of who God is. Jose (aka Pepe)

Hello Pepe!

Once again, an equation simply cannot capture the reality of God ... no matter how well formulated. :) Actually, Jehovah's Witnesses come up with their own formula by rejecting the traditional "Christian" formulas. I say, dump all the formulas and see Christ only ... for he is his own best answer!!

God made man in His own image so that even though that image in this world is unrecognizable we have it within us to understand the connection between the oneness between Jesus and the Father. He is called The Word from the beginning, the one who was with God and was God. We have been so constructed that our word expresses our very life ... at least, we recognize that it SHOULD express the very desires of our heart. Well, the word that came forth from God is the EXACT REPRESENTATION OF HIS NATURE, it goes and does exactly as God desires. And that word is the same that became flesh and walked among man ... and having died and risen is now our life.

Jesus is the exact expression of God made flesh. He is the embodiment of the desires of God. As being born in the flesh he became the perfect union between the creation brought into being through him and God himself. We CANNOT understand this union through any type of study or logic, but ONLY from being joined together with God through Christ. As a matter of fact, this is the miraculous "confession" John referred to in his first letter by which one would recognize a believer, for it was an inner knowledge that could not help but come out in one form or another.

Even in the "fallen world" men have recognized the power of the word, so much so that it has often been claimed that one's word is equal to the person speaking. Do you see how in having originally been created in God's image men would find their word to be something to live or die for? In the recent Denzel Washington movie, "John Q", the main character tells his son that he must always keep his word because HIS WORD IS ALL HE HAS!! This is an ideology founded upon gut-instinct, but it testifies to the very word of God that became flesh.

It is not because we can learn a teaching that we understand this relation, no, not at all ... it is from within our very being since now we have been born of God that we understand the RELATION between God and His son, the speaker and his word. You see, only God himself can teach you of this, while I can only witness to its reality. :)

Jim Minker

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