1 Mar 2003

It seems the JWs think more like you regarding the Trinity

Submitted by theshovel
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Hello Joyce,

First off, let me quickly say that though the JWs seem to think more like me in this, I see very little agreement between us on the matter. Ha-ha! You see, while their theology scoffs at the logic of the Trinity they still don't recognize that God was in Christ.

Realize that before the Word was made flesh he was still the Word, and as the Word of God all things were created by him and through him. When John spoke of Jesus in connection with the creation he referred to the life of God within the man - i.e., "the Word". And notice that these aren't merely my distinctions, but that John presented it just this way.

He wrote:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God
John 1:1

And did NOT write: "In the beginning was Jesus, and Jesus was with God and Jesus was God".

The fact that most believers don't catch the distinction is because we have been instructed in the formulaic attempt at understanding "God" as it seems to provide an intellectual comfort.

Consider that when we speak of Christ we are supposedly referring to the anointed one of God. I say "supposedly" because we usually hear the name simply as just another way to refer to "the second person of the Trinity" instead of letting it impact us with the miraculous infusion of God's Spirit upon the man.

Do you know why I make such a big stink about this stuff? Because the truth will cause us to RELATE with Christ instead of relating to that old religious DIVISION between God and man. It's not the wording I'm concerned with as much as the miracle of UNION with God through Christ. When I hear sterile or clinical statements about God I have to ask "WHY?" and "What's behind this?"

You see, Jesus is the mediator between God and man. The doctrine of the Trinity presents God in a three-fold application with Jesus as some kind of static entity, who was sent to do something FOR us. In effect it has often caused us to turn a blind eye to the very purpose for which he - as the "Word" - was sent ... which, of course, is the joining of creator with the creation.

As you continue to consider how Christ is explained by doctrines ask yourself a simple question: Does the teaching end up negating Christ's connection between man and God? In other words, are you being forced to consider Jesus as being a creator, or a judge, or a savior, who is somehow unapproachable?

To recognize that the life of God within Christ (or Jesus) was from the beginning is to recognize that God has been forever joined together with man in Christ. And this is the same life that is found in us. :)

Love, Jim

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