27 Mar 2004

What makes the gospel message foolish?

Submitted by theshovel
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This came from a response to the Shoveletter, The Foolishness of God

So what, exactly, is it that makes this gospel message foolish? The "gospels" of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John don't appear foolish. They are arranged rationally, the stories make sense. Before we just accept them as being "the gospel" perhaps we should know why they are...if indeed they are. Neil

Actually, I think they do! The stories only "make sense" within the realm of religious perception because they've been turned into sound bites of morality instead of standing as the denouncement of every sensible religious position we have held to. They presented a "savior" who was all wrong according to the supposed authority of God on the earth among those who were under them. If the "church" were to actually recognize what these writings were saying they would toss them out as heresy because they undermine the very premise upon which their "truth" is built.

It's Jesus who was the one who over and again caused them all to look foolish, not only to the religious establishment but also to each other in the process. They were following a LOSER. And his being given up to death on the cross only drove the stake into the heart of their disillusions and misperceptions. The real testimony of each of these accounts is that the very mind of the world cannot understand the life of God in Christ.

Love you bro, Jim :)

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