1 Jan 2002

What about those who don't get it?

Submitted by theshovel
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What about those who don't get it yet? anonymous

I hear you, and I sure do understand what you mean when you refer to "those who don't get it". :) The implications are profound! There is a tendency to classify those who don't get it versus those who do. Been there, done that ... too many times, bro! The simple reality is this: those who have received the Spirit have been made alive to God, while those who are void of God's Spirit live in the realm of death. The confusion comes with religion ... or should I say, the religious mindset.

Those who are of the world listen to that wisdom that is of the world ... they receive it. Many of those who populate the religious institutions do not have the life of God in them. Many of those who preach or lead these institutions do not have the Spirit as well. Notice, I do not say all, but many, for there are many who do. Those who have been born of God assume that the institution, as well as the preachers and teachers and most of the people are desiring the same thing. But only those who are born of God hear the things of God. This includes those who are born of God but don't get it.

So here we are, with the ears of the Spirit, assuming that the preacher is bringing us the word of God simply because he quotes the Bible or teaches from it or at least alludes to it. But all too often the teachers are dishing out the message of condemnation. And on the inside we shrivel up and are put to sleep. But in spite of this God's Spirit STILL witnesses with our Spirit that we are of God.

Those who are of the world may have complaints about style, a denomination, people, leaders, labels, etc., but they have no real problem with religion itself because they NEED some kind of religion. Those who are of the Spirit might complain about the same things, BUT there is something inside that senses the antagonism of the world's mindset.

Had we met each other in years past we may have written each other off as not getting it. But the thing we really didn't get was that we already got it! No doubt you would have gotten very discouraged at many points in my life if you had spoken of Christ to me. You would have heard me give the usual blather and quote the same verses that many do who try to balance law and grace. But I look back and see how it was at those very times where the reality of Christ was getting established in my life. But the other person walked away with little indication of the momentous stuff that was going on inside of me. I imagine that it has been the same way with you. :)

Just because we THINK that the other person is walking away from hearing the truth of Christ from us is not an indication that nothing is happening. Far from it. For the earth may be moving under their feet. When those who are born of God are confronted with this freedom of Christ they are being hit with so many Christian concepts that are in opposition to it. Remember your own experiences ... and remember who REALLY got the reality across to you: the Spirit of God.

So, speak the life of Christ and plan on being misunderstood, but know that HE is the one who is working all things together for our good!



My brother this is such a good thing to encourage and foster. There are indeed those who are really stuck in religious thinking and may even cause you /me much suffering as they operate in it. And isn't THAT why we are so compelled to cry out for help?  We see those who are so influenced[their every motion] by the legal, shameful mind of man and it would be one thing if they simply kept to themselves but, no, nuhuh, it's because they come after US that we begin to question it all. It perks us right up!



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