1 Jan 2000

The miraculous reality of of the living God within you

Submitted by theshovel
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Bro, the grace of God is powerful in you!!!! You may have been describing a very disturbing situation in your email, but the simple fact is that you are seeing through this stuff that has been passing itself off as Christianity for centuries!! Do you realize how amazing that is??? :) YOU, a "college kid", are able to identity in a moment what scholars and theologians wrestle with their whole lives!! Bro, I'm witnessing the miraculous reality of the living God within you as you are so obviously hearing with the ears of the Spirit!!!

Motivation by guilt and shame! Why? I asked my friend A. on the walk back to the dorms if he heard more grace and forgiveness or more guilt and shame. He responded with "guilt and shame." Jeff

Wow!!! What you just did with your friend was worth more than a million sermons and Bible studies because you stimulated him to consider FOR HIMSELF what it was that he heard. Those words that came from Andy's own lips were powerful to him ... and I doubt he will ever be able to forget them!!

Jim, what can we do? There are a couple of my friends that realize that too. I've been talking with a lot of them... I just want them to know how HUGE God is and how petty our games are. I'm excited for Florida... they've asked me to lead a Bible study. Each day of the week I'll get to talk with different Navigators about what I've been learning. What an opportunity!!!!

Bro, IT'S BEEN HAPPENING THROUGH YOU EVEN AS YOU WERE WRITING THIS EMAIL. :) Hahaha! What is happening in you is nothing short of a miracle!!! I couldn't cause something like this to happen if I tried to. My words to you have all been in the recognition we cannot do this, but that it is the life of Christ IN US. That's why when this miraculous working of God is taking place right in front of your eyes it seems as if you need to start doing something. :) Never discount the fact that just because all of this is so much freedom to you that the work of God isn't happening. That's the cool thing about freedom ... it's liberating ... and our hearts burn within us to share it with another.

Any advice? What do you think would be a good scripture to focus on? What are you learning right now from God? You're a great encourager and teacher...thank you...

Well, being the great encourager and teacher that I am I will offer no advice to you but will be satisfied with stimulating that most precious life that is in you that we share together. Because what the Father is teaching YOU is incredible!!! Besides, methinks that you are also a great encourager and teacher in the lives of those who have been entrusted to YOU by our Lord. :)

Always be satisfied with the miracle that God is working in you ... even when it doesn't SEEM to be happening.

Love, Jim

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