1 Jan 2001

What's behind the opening statement on web site?

Submitted by theshovel
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As far as that entry statement, I had written it not because I was getting so many arguers, but to establish a clear idea right up front. It is just as much, if not more, for those who might just leave because they think it is a religious site, and I would hate for that to happen! I would rather lose the contentious, self-righteous folks who are just checking me out to see how I line up with their beliefs. Know what I mean? :) I want the hurting and outcast and despised and haters of religion to be struck with the truth that they are exactly who Jesus came for!! I also want those religious folks who are beginning to see the hypocrisy of it to be confronted with another who is expressing some of the same doubts they have had. I also want to be the burr in the saddle of those who think they are right. Who knows how God may use it to haunt them until they realize that these have been the thoughts they have tried to stuff for years?

Well, there you have it!

Love, Jim

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