13 Feb 2001

You leave too much unsaid with open-ended questions

Submitted by theshovel
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Haha, you ASSUME that I'm leaving things unsaid! Sure, I know that many of the things I write will appear open-ended - that is, as if I'm deliberately not finishing the thought - but the fact is that the answer to those unanswered questions are right there in front of your eyes. That probably sounds open-ended, doesn't it? :) Don't worry, I'm not leaving it there.

Now, when you suggest this of my writings, aren't you overlooking most of the writings of the New Testament? Let's face it, there is more debate over the meaning of these writings than over just about anything else. Did they do that on purpose? :) We have read our Bibles for years and ended up wondering why did they write it like that or why didn't they seem to answer the question or why didn't God make this clear enough so that there wouldn't be so much disagreement on it? But then we go back and often discover that we simply overlooked the thing we thought missing. You know what I'm saying.

So, do I know that I'm presenting things and asking questions that come across as unanswered? You bet. But I also know that as long as I'm presenting the good news of Christ without apology and without compromise then I know there is no real way to get around it ... even if I wasn't trying to stimulate my readers into questioning every aspect of their lives through Christ.

The answer to all of the questions you have asked in your letter are found in the simple reality of us having been freed from the law of sin and death and now made alive in Christ through His Spirit. Don't worry, I am glad for the opportunity to address each one of the questions you raised because I want you to see it as I do in Christ.

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