29 Jan 2004

Do you think he understood what you wrote?

Submitted by theshovel
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These 2 questions came from responses to a Shoveletter, Obligated to Sin?

Do you think the person who emailed you understood it though? I can picture this poor person wanting a concrete answer. Kind of like when you were here and I wanted you to tell me I was OK. :) We all seek answers when we have them. And I always wonder if God is thinking....But it is so simple...why can't they see? Natalie

Hello, my sweet Natalie!! Thanks for writing, I love hearing from you. As far as whether or not this person understood what I wrote is not up to me to figure out ... for all real knowledge of God is not understood by the natural mind anyhow. Do you know what I mean? Even if the person wrote back and said, "I don't understand it" wouldn't mean that somewhere in the depths of his or her heart the knowledge of God might not have been stirred to life and awaiting the right situation or time ... or whatever ... for it to be revealed in a way that is grasped in faith. What I'm saying is that even though we often assume, "I don't get it!" does not mean that we don't really get it!! :) This is a good thing ... a grace thing ... a miraculous thing of God!! It sure is discouraging to watch those you love get overwhelmed with so much legalism that keeps pounding away at the bits and pieces we hope will get through, doesn't it? I hear where you're coming from, and feel it with you. Just remember that God is greater than all man's folly ... and the His Spirit in them is greater than the spirit that is in the world!! :) Love, Jim

Enjoyed reading your response to the dear person who wrote to you as far as it went. Seems like it kind of left off the next step of again, how important what Jesus purchased for us is! That there is no condemnation and that the forgiveness has already been given and that part of our prayer life(to me the most IMPORTANT part) is to hold on to that thought and REALITY so that we can hear the dear, sweet, small voice that says, "It's ok, all has been overcome, and you receiving all that I have done is your greatest gift to Me." Love you and the shovelletter!!! Your sister in Christ....THANK GOD!!!! Judy

Hello dear Judy!

There was a time that I would not write an article or give a message or even complete a song until I sensed that I had covered all the bases or answered expected objections. I think I have given up on that practice for quite a while now - not because I don't think these things important - but that I want leave the hearer to be stirred to desire more, instead of being numbed by TMI (too much information). Actually, that would be too much OVERT - you know, the expected stuff many assume they are going to hear from a "Christian" - information. :) Then again, I don't see life in Christ as a step needing to be covered, but reality demanding itself to the hearer of good news.

I mostly embed the reality of Christ in direct connection to the matter at hand so that the one who reads will be allowed to come up with it on their own. In this particular piece I made the demand of Christ's work in these statements:

"I think you still see yourself as being obligated to the thing you were delivered from, which is also why your prayers do nothing but reinforce the very lie that has been destroyed in Christ."

"The truth is that as long as you assume you are obligated to perform the desires of the old life - the one that was destroyed on the cross of Christ - you are asking God to break a sin-cycle He already delivered you from!"

All too often we go into a haze, always being brought to the words "forgiveness" and "no condemnation", simply taking them in as being good Biblical or doctrinal words connected with Christ and the cross, and yet we might not see them in the real struggle we are caught in the middle of. Much of the real condemnation we've been delivered from is the lie that we are still under obligation to sin. And many believers have been trained to hold this lie in reserve while quoting well-known verses about there being no condemnation in Christ.

So, I would rather let my readers think that I have missed out on finishing up what should have been added so they can make the connection themselves. :)

Thanks again, dear sister!


Much of the real condemnation we’ve been delivered from is the lie that we are still under obligation to sin. And many believers have been trained to hold this lie in reserve while quoting well-known verses about there being no condemnation in Christ.-Jim Minker Well the stirring of sin IS in the law. For when it[the law] flows through me, then I am stimulated to sin. The sin cycles are simply a byproduct of this shame predicament that we still see ourselves chained to. We are no longer under the law, which means we are no longer under the power of the law. If we find sin, then we should also recognize a law at work stimulating our members. We do not need to hold to the law for we were set free to the reality in Christ. Conclusion? We can recognize the law at work when we see sin- stirred up in us and we can take hold of the plain fact that we are indeed perfect before God not on the basis of law but, on the saving work of Christ Jesus-which is the power that we seek. For sin shall not be our master for we are under grace.
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Excellent, my friend! :)


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