1 Jan 2001

What if saved daughter dies while living with unsaved boyfriend?

Submitted by theshovel
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My saved daughter is living with her unsaved boyfriend, what would happen to her if she died in that sin? gayle

This question is based in the assumption that God might be fickle concerning the work of His Son for He does not see her in sin. This has nothing to do with condoning any foolish activities we fall into, instead, when we judge by the law we will find ourselves creating loopholes and therefore condoning sin. What your daughter needs is to see herself in Christ only for only then will she discover sanity in her life.

I have a whole section on the site dealing with the judgment seat of Christ which may be helpful to see how His freedom is not something to be afraid of in view of true judgment.

please bear with me, I am just getting acquainted with the grace message and I am very excited about it but I do have questions. thanks gayle

You know, if you didn't have these questions then I might question the "grace message" you were getting acquainted with. :) The message of the grace of Christ is diametrically opposed to the wisdom of the religious mind we were raised with, so EXPECT to have lots and lots more questions. Now, even though it is contrary to what you have learned you will discover that His truth "witnesses" within you - and you may realize that you simply KNOW this had to be true! You see, the "grace message" is not just one of many "messages", but it is LIFE. And the life of Christ is in harmony with reality and not at all a "system" of true things, as in the "Christian religion". This is why Paul urged the Galatians to stand fast in the freedom of Christ. Freedom is not a side issue but instead it is the very essence of Christ, for in true freedom we discover our true selves in Christ!

Jim Minker :)

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