1 Jan 1999

Cut off from fellowship because of my unbelief?

Submitted by theshovel
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i need to ask you some questions. am i right in saying, Christ died for the sins of the world and no sin will be counted against us except the sin of unbelief ? is there a judgement for christians? if we continually do the same sin do we fall out of fellowship with Jesus? if we sin does God hear our prayers? i`m really having trouble with this, people have told me i`m justifing sin and i have a hardened heart. and God has cut me off from fellowship. man i hope their not right or i`ve never been saved. please help!! anonymous

Okay ... who's been messing with your head?! How did you receive the Spirit in the first place? Was it something you did, or was it God's miraculous gift to you? Did you bring YOURSELF into the miraculous fellowship of God through something you did, or did it happen miraculously through the work of Christ? Are you insane? Do you think these people have some kind of way to undo the work of Christ on your behalf? Isn't the judgment of Christ sufficient for you or do you need to do something to make it all okay? Now that Christ has taken away the thing that kept God from hearing us do you think He still closes His ears to what His son accomplished? Do you think something you have done has twisted His arm to get Him to remember your sins against you?

The judgment of Christ is that by which we STAND, not fall, and it is THIS judgment to which we are accountable, and by which we are not to judge one another any more!!!! To know that we ourselves STAND before the judgment seat of Christ is a VICTORY through which we DO stand because there are no more sins PERIOD. Who is it that has the nerve to shift your confidence from Christ to yourself? Don't you hear what you are asking yourself?

It is ONLY through LAW that we try to justify sin because it causes us to be sin-conscious and through law we WILL fall into sin and will have to adjust to incorporate the sin-conscious living into degrees of right and wrong.

Even that formula about Christ dying for the sins of the world, but not for the sin of unbelief is part and parcel of the mentality that tries out of desperation to assure ourselves because we have set up so many laws which brings condemnation. Don't play that game. It has nothing to do with a quantity of sins Christ paid for, but that he has taken ALL THINGS out of our way through condemning sin in the flesh (in HIS body on the cross) and bringing us as NEW CREATIONS into this newness of life.

Where is that sense of the miraculous I have witnessed in you? I don't care who they are who cause you to question the sufficiency of Christ, but it is a damned shame that has been brought upon you by these lies!!

Love, Jim

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