1 Jan 2002

What does it mean to be born again?

Submitted by theshovel
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Anyway, as to your question about being "born again":

It is simple ... and yet profound in its simplicity. It refers to the source of our true life: the Spirit of God in Christ. We had our identity in this world through Adam as we were born into this world, but now we have been born of the Spirit. Our new life was conceived by the Spirit within us. "Born again" is better translated "born from above" ... just like Jesus was. Our life is now Christ. We are now hid in HIM. The Spirit is IN us. Unfortunately, we have heard some really cool terms and have missed their simplicity because they have been used in religious contexts. We have come to think of "born again" meaning "making a decision to trust Christ". Notice, the word "Christ" is in the formula, but the real attention and meaning has been shifted to MY DECISION or ABILITY or LUCK to make a wise decision.

I hope that helps ... it may give rise to more questions, but that is what I love to do anyway!! :)


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I had a tremendous experience with the Lord 18 years ago. After an awakening, I began to read the Bible and soon saw myself as a sinner standing before a Holy and righteous God with no where to hide; I was totllay exposed. As I read, I went from the terror of the Lord to realizing that He is good, and to be desired. Soon, I began to think that I could be saved. After several aborted attempts, a light went off and I knew that “Jesus pai it all”. Immediately after that revelation, there was a question posed in my mind, “Do you want to be saved?” I replied, “Yes!” Immediately my heart was flooded with love, joy, peace, hatred of sin, I knew that I was saved, that I was going to heaven, that God was my Father. Also, I knew that I had to find a church, get baptized, and tell others. I knew Jesus was alive. Yet periodic fear comes; tha I have missed hte mark and that He is dobe wug me.A few nights ago, a message was given and I should have gone forward. Now, I cannot find any peace. Tell me where I missed the nark?
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Hello my dear friend,

I also know what it is to revisit my past experiences and question the miracle of that which was so very obvious within myself. You want to know what I immediately sense in the account you have written here? It starts with a very real work of God in you only to become reinterpreted by the doubts of man. You have let religion dig its poisoned fingers into your own story of God so that it can try to claim some of the credit and authority over you. Of course fears and doubts will come, but if I were you I would be questioning the effectiveness of the messages of man that you're hearing ... not the word of God that brought you into salvation. My friend, stand firm in the freedom that Christ has freed you into.


and I would agree with Jim here. Love, Adam

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