1 Jan 2000

Must I understand the Bible to be saved?

Submitted by theshovel
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I have never been real sure of coming up with my own answers to questions I have it seems I always need some one to tell me it is ok to see things the way I do. I have always been afraid I have the wrong understanding of the scriptures. And I guess that might mean I"m not saved.

Understanding the scriptures never saved anyone. Actually, it was those who thought they understood the scriptures who rejected Christ the loudest. Your fear comes from the intimidation of the religious self-righteous mindset. You have felt that suggestion that if you don't know it then you don't know God. But we know God because His Spirit is in us and not because how much Bible we know or don't know. That part is actually irrelevant. The Bible declares Jesus ... and Jesus declares us righteous. The fear is not of God, so don't believe it.

I am letting you see a side of me that I doubt I have allowed anyone to see. but that seems to be alright since I don't have to face you every day :) I have many question like this that I would like to have someone to discuss them with.If you don't want to be that person because you are to busy or just don't want to just say so OK?

I feel honored to see that side of you. Do you know what it tells me? It tells me a lot more than just the comfortability factor of not having to see my face ... hahaha ... it tells me that you are a child of God who is tired of the intimidation and fear you have been under for so many years. What I speak to you of is Christ. The religious mind doesn't want Christ, but it wants to be convinced that it's okay as it is. Christ destroyed what we were and has made us new creatures. The religious mind rejects that ... I have witnessed it many times.

Sis, it is the life of God in you that is causing you want to know of the freedom that Christ has given you. It is a cool thing to watch ... from my end!


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