6 Jun 2003

Do you have anything on your site about eternal security?

Submitted by theshovel
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Also, do you have anything on your site about eternal security? I got into a discussion with a guy the other night at a Bible study I lead. He is from a Wesleyan background.

Nothing specifically, as in a section called "Eternal Security" ... BUT everything on the site is couched in the reality of Christ as our security for always. Because - as a topic - it tends to polarize I haven't designated a category for it on the site. I have had a few people ask me specifically about it ... and they were assuming I would believe it from what I've written.

I've been learning to address the real issues that are on the heart of those who want to argue, and I have discovered the fear that drives the contentions. It usually causes the person to either take off and look for someone else to argue with ... OR ... and this has happened often ... their argument just kinda fades away and is replaced with confidence in Christ.

So, what do you think? :)

Love Jim

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