1 Jan 2003

Does God love me? What do I do to receive it?

Submitted by theshovel
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My dear Kathy,

Love has its meaning in Jesus. It's not just that He would love you, but that He could do nothing else. Should you imagine that you might be too far gone to be loved by Him then you should also know that He died for those who were too far gone. For He would not have to give His life for one who didn't need it, though there really isn't any such person as that.

In this is love, that one will give his life for his friends. Don't worry about the "friends" part, as if He would never think of you that way, for Christ died for us while we were ungodly. He loves you.

Jim Minker

I received your response to my question. If he loves me, what do I do to receive it in my heart? I long to. Please help me. Kathy

Dear Kathy,

There is NOTHING you can do for HE has done it all. Do you realize what He has done? He has taken everything that stood between you and God and has taken it out of the way. He did this by hanging on the cross and being condemned NOT for HIS sin, but for OURS. What I'm telling you is that God holds NOTHING against you because of what Christ has done. The good news of Jesus Christ to you is that those who believe in the Son HAVE the life and HAVE BEEN forgiven. Do you believe in the Son of God? If you do then you HAVE received His life and His love in your heart. You see, His promise is not given in exchange for something you do, it is given to those who know they can do nothing for it. If you know you cannot do anything to receive His love and are already looking to Him for it then it sounds like you ALREADY believe Him. Is this true?


Yes I do believe... Kathy

Kathy, my dear girl, God wants you to know that His love toward you has been made clear in the gift of His Son to YOU!

This is what is true about those who believe:
* No sin is held against them;
* God is pleased with them
* They have been taken out of the darkness and brought into the kingdom of light in Christ
* They have already received every spiritual blessing
* They have eternal life
* They are kept by the power of God

Check out this link: What if it is really finished? and read those statements that are based on the question, "What if it is REALLY finished?" Never let anyone try to tell you that God thinks of you based on what you have done, because He already judged that in His Son Jesus when He hung on the cross and finished the work of your salvation.

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Regarding the usage of the word “believe”.. I tend to think it’s an (often) overused word, and I believe God gave me an analogy to express “belief” a bit more. . If I tell you there’s a green truck in my driveway (there is), you’d probably believe me, yes? However, if you go outside and see the truck yourself, it’s a different kind of Believe. yes? . Having encountered loads of people who profess “belief” and are just as worldly as the world.. and encountered a few who Believe and struggle not, it seems there IS some bearing with “belief and Belief”. It’s not something I can explain, and I’m sure no expert about it at all, of course. /food for thought
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Yes ... but what about being more blessed when believing without seeing? :)

Oh, and I fully agree with you regarding the overuse of words like "believe", "faith", and even "hope." When I hear these words used in our world today, I can't help but hear more of an expression of taking a gamble. For example, somebody buys a Lotto ticket in the belief that it's going to be a winner. I don't think early societies related to the words that expressed belief and faith as we have come to understand them in our connection to God through Christ. I think rather that in the development of our own English language through the influence of the KJV Bible (as it has been used to teach English to school children for a long time) and the spread of Christianity throughout the world that people began borrowing those words to express their tendencies and desires for taking gambles.

Yes … but what about being more blessed when believing without seeing? :) Oh now you’ve went and done it. Had to go and starting making sense. :) :) Another analogy on faith and belief… If one reads a biography on George Bush.. they may have faith that they “know” him. But after they meet and talk with him for days..or better yet years.. well.. then they Know him. But that analogy falls short on what “knowing” is.. (1 John 3)
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Any analogy can fall short, can't it? LOL!! However, it's obvious that we both realize the simple distinction between something that is real and living and something that only gives lip-service. :)

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