2 May 2005

Right questions and right truths a formula?

Submitted by theshovel
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Are even asking the right questions and or considering the right truths somewhat of a formula? anonymous

Sure. The Positional Truth concept hinges upon such a view of rightness so that one's so-called spiritual growth is said to be linked to the purity factor of the particular truth. But our life is all about being alive, not about being right. Sure, we've been made right in Christ, but this rightness doesn't translate into correctness. The religions of Christianity are often built upon making sure to line up with God's truth (aka, Biblical truth). There is also a vast difference between trying to ask the right questions versus paying attention to the questions that are truly coming out of your heart. Of course, if you want to call the discovery of such real questions as being the "right" questions I won't get my panties in a bunch over it. :) Despite either our screwed up truth or our right truth we have been made alive in Christ. We live on account of HIM, not on account of our correct understanding!


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