1 Jan 2002

Reclaiming America for God?

Submitted by theshovel
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...are we in agreement? DO you oppose the reconstructionists, the theonomists, those who would make the law of god the law of the land? S

Hello S,

Several years ago I went down with a church group to attend what was, I think, the FIRST God and Country seminar put on at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (the home of D. James Kennedy) with RJ Rushdooney, the "Father of Christian Reconstructionism." My friend was impressed with Rushdooney's interpretation of Satan's temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. I was not. Nor am I now. And, no, I don't agree with their bogus philosophies of reclaiming America nor with their assumptions that America had EVER been claimed in the first place!!! Legal technicalities have such a reek about them, don't they? :)

Now, in asking if I oppose these guys do you mean do I make it a cause? If so, the answer is no. If you're asking if I view their doctrine as legal bondage from which the gospel offers freedom, the answer is yes. The simple fact is that I just won't play their games with them, and I have no problem whatsoever to discuss why it is that I see it that way.

If you, "W", support the reconstructionists regardless of whether post millenialism is true, you are antichrist and I will have nothing more to do with you, and will DEMAND that you remove me from your list. because if you think you either can or do keep the law you have forsaken Christ for a law code. S's statement to another man

What has "W" answered you in reference to your queries concerning his possible beliefs of keeping the law? Are you able to get past any of his doctrines down into the real stuff of his fears where both you and I know that HE knows that he has not kept it as he says it should be kept? When speaking to him of the freedom of Christ what do you ask him or share with him ... and how does he respond to it?

See, I hear you on this whole bogus doctrinal position of those lawmen who want to establish something that cannot happen. Most of them write me off in a hurry simply because I won't get off the reality of Christ and Him crucified in order to consider their foolishness. Hey, I've been called a heretic many times, and I count it an honor that I am regarded so by lawmen. :) What is an incredible freedom to me is that I am NOT defined by my opposition to their message of condemnation but only by the fact that Christ is my life. I love it when these law-bound preachers get thrown off their agendas from being so stinking mad at my unbending insistence on having found my everything in Christ and then willingly reveal their own opposition to Christ in their determination to refute me. I have been slammed hard by a few law-bound preachers in front of those who had been listening to my preaching of the message of life in Christ. These preachers were thinking their dedication to truth was shining brightly as they called me heretic and evil and of the devil and that I was manipulating the Word, but instead, those who were listening to the whole thing were forced to recognize the obvious fleshly motivations of those men who failed to get a rise out of me!

What I'm asking is if you are focused on Christ or upon the opposition?

Jim Minker

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