1 Jan 2000

Pushed under guilt by those that promote guilt

Submitted by theshovel
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Jim, I really enjoy your website and philosophy (I think). Like many who have responded to you and your website, I have lived a life of shame and guilt as a Christian at the hands of our “leaders”. It has only been in the last few years I have come to realize the truth about our position in the world as a nation of priests and kings. A priest’s intermediary is only Jesus and a king’s only king is the King of kings. I am not speaking of our worldly relationships, but our Christian ones. Church leadership declares we submit ourselves to them, while the Bible declares we submit ourselves to one another. Our submission to Him is assumed of course. “Church” provides no accountability, only relationship provides accountability, and then only when we allow it. And yet, I continue to allow myself to be pushed under that load of guilt by those that promote guilt. Doug

Doug, thank you for responding!

I am glad you found the web site. It is exciting to hear from those who are coming to understand their freedom in Christ. I know it can be such a struggle, but the truth is that your heart will not be satisfied with anything other than HIM. The fact that you recognize how easily another can push you under that load of guilt tells me that you are only becoming more aware of the trickery of religious persuasion. Be glad for this, because the more you see it the less it affects you — though it may seem to be the other way around.


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