23 Jan 2007

God blesses fleshly ministers?

Submitted by theshovel
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I recently came across an on-line Christian news letter and out of curiosity randomly checked out the archives. I was extremely dismayed to discover that a prominent USA pastor and author had [recently] signed a deal to purchase [a mega-million dollar franchise]. Is that a good Christian message? I am not very good with words and therefore cannot adequately express my disgust and anger. I feel for the poor sorry Christians who buy this man's books and who send money to aid his and many other "ministries". It is my understanding that this man is very popular and powerful in America - how come it seems that God is blessing such people - he is one of several "rip-off merchants" that permeate Christendom. Are these people truly Christians or are they corrupted by one or more of the 3 G's. (Gold, glory and girls) Sincerely Sharyn

Hello Sharyn!

Perhaps it is only an assumption that people who do well are being blessed by God (and vice versa) ... especially when supposedly speaking for God. Of course, a good question asks if riches are necessarily blessings? :) I didn't read [his] book, though I have read excerpts and have witnessed the reactions or endorsements of some who have read it. Can't say I've been too impressed, and it doesn't surprise me to know that he has become extremely wealthy by selling his "Christian" book. I don't really know the guy, and he could just be a really messed up believer who thinks he has something "godly" to sell, but even without the accompanying success his stuff sells because it appeals to the flesh. I would have to say that the real question is not whether his [recent acquisition] is a good Christian message, but that his book itself is not a good Christian message.


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appealing to the mind of the flesh ~ it is so true! that is pretty much what it is all about in this world, isn’t it? the mind of the world wants to hear and read words that appeal to whatever that mind perceives it wants and needs at any given time. i suppose we shouldn’t really be so surprised when a profit is made, whether a small one, a really substantial one or anything in-between, by those who offer words that appeal to the reasoning of the world, even tho’ all the while making claims to be a message ‘of God’ and ‘from God’. profit can be made and is made in sharing things of the heart that truly relates with other hearts in experience. people want to relate and be related with. most do not want to feel all alone in their experiences and/or sufferings. so they will reach out with their pocketbooks and purchase anything and everything they can that they perceive may have a common relational experience, or a formula to create, to have, to maintain and sustain whatever it is they are convinced they need to … well … fill the void. i recognize it so clearly because i, too have been there/done that many times. i guess we could suffice it to say that humans tend to be ‘attempted void fillers’ and ‘void filler chasers’. it is a wonderful thing and a freeing thing to discover that Christ Himself is all the fulfillment the human heart and mind need. He is the reason a human can finally be truly human in completion without ‘void’.  :) this is the true hope, desire, and fulfillment of the heart and mind of the completed human. it is truly the miracle of God in man through Christ Jesus. :)

i loved the following especially!! “Perhaps it is only an assumption that people who do well are being blessed by God (and vice versa)…” <-theshovel

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