1 Jan 2000

Do you deny these particular doctrines?

Submitted by theshovel
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... You ask LOTS of questions. I'm not even able to respond to some of them because you come up with others before I can get to the earlier ones. You realize that, don't you? Do you remember how we got started with our discussions? I have had one real thing to offer you and that is Christ and Him crucified. Do you know WHY that is all that is important to me in my sharing with you? I think you do.

DOCTRINALLY, I would agree with you on most of your points ... and that would stand the same for almost 30 years now. I was able to hold my own against those who didn't agree. But the concept of freedom for me was only a concept held together by words. I have studied the Bible quite intensely for almost 25 years now, and most of what I have spoken to you has come from what I have learned from it. For years, much of my understanding was actually hindered by the doctrines I used as a screen to keep me in check on the truth. That doesn't mean I threw out the truth of those doctrines, but that the FORM of the doctrinal statement itself was the hindrance. There was always a nagging sense that I might misinterpret the scriptures by following many of the things they were suggesting.

As far as the gospels, my doctrinal position kept them mostly out of reach by a structure formed by the dispensational view. Don't get excited if that's how you see, for I don't disagree with many of the points I learned in that approach. I was taught that you had to be very careful in observing which dispensation was being referred to when Jesus spoke. So-called problem passages were explained away by finding the proper formula to interpret His words. Now through that, I learned to be very careful in noticing WHO was speaking to WHO about WHAT or WHO, etc. So, I am not upset about what I went through. But it kept me from seeing much of the obvious. From my position in those earlier years I would have loved to know the stuff I have come to see. It turns problem passages into treasures waiting to be discovered! It actually answers those questions I had ... the truly deep questions that went beyond what the words were saying on the surface.

If it seems that I am purposely NOT answering a lot of your direct questions it very well may be on purpose. It sounds like you're wanting some validation on a set of beliefs. I know the feeling well. Too many times I was given validation and all I really got out of it was a false sense that I was believing the right way ... or the right things. :) I answer you as I do for a reason. I know it can be irritating ... or as if I'm trying to avoid the real issue, but I hope you will believe that I'm desiring you to see the REALITY of Christ in very real ways.

What you and I really believe is found in our everyday lives ... while we're at work ... or at play ... or talking with our friends, etc. I'm far more concerned with what you're believing there ... because that's where you're really living.

Much more to say yet, but I have to stop sometime. :)

Continuing to stimulate!

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