12 Jun 2006

Prayer and Peter's release from prison

Submitted by theshovel
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Hello Jim, I have a question about prayer. Remember the story of how the young girl Rhoda & the group of Christians got together and prayed for Peter's release from prison? The angel came and woke Peter up and led him from the guards & the chains dropped and the doors opened of their own accord. All that miraculous stuff. The thing that stumps me is that when Peter came in the night and knocked on their door, they didn't even believe it was him, even when Rhoda said it was. They called her crazy. These people prayed but didn't even believe when their prayers were answered. But Rhoda did.
Anyway, I wonder how instrumental their prayers were in God's releasing Peter. The reason I want to know is because I keep praying for the release of the hostages in Iraq. I want to know if I'm praying right and if my prayers are instrumental.
Can you explain, please? Thanx! ~ love in Christ, T

Hello T

You know, if not sure if this story tells us anything more than the simple fact that we really don't understand the workings of God on any level when judging according to what appears to be. We know God answers us, but our expectations will keep us from seeing the reality of the answer ... and what form it takes. Just never assume God does or doesn't based upon an appearance-level outcome.

Love, Jim

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