1 Jan 2001

Should we pray for revival?

Submitted by theshovel
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Is there a place for "praying for revival" or is that just religious business that makes the person of God sound and look more spiritual? D

Hello D! Thanks so much for writing.

As far as praying for revival, I think our old religious mentality senses its own disappointment with its view of spirituality and desperately seeks for the life it overlooks. I mean you gotta figure, no one can keep hanging on to an empty religious substitute for life without some kind of carrot on the string suggesting that what we seek is out there somewhere just over the horizon. And you are right, it creates an appearance of spirituality. What a shame we can be so quick to cast off the real thing and then spend all our energies hoping to find the "elusive" life of God we ignore.

Jim Minker

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