1 Jan 2002

Can we make our prayers more powerful?

Submitted by theshovel
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The question is just this: can we make our prayers more powerful or reach God any better. I have come to the conclusion that I can not improve on what God has done, or what He is doing now. Sue

Hello Sue!

I think your conclusion comes from the life of God within you!! :) Consider the reality that, as Paul had written, we don't even know HOW to ask for what we need but that instead the Spirit of God - who knows the mind of God - is asking FOR us according to God's own desires ... and this asking happens beyond the threshold of our comprehension. I don't think we have to concern ourselves with it.

Though many claim that such a lackadaisical attitude will cause our prayer life to cease, the reality is that this freedom allows some much wasted bargaining and guilt-motivated prayer to simply fade away as we realize its meaninglessness. If we think we're supposed to know how to pray then we conclude that we're supposed to offer up those things that make sense to us. And so we offer up our worries and fears and competitive drive as being the substance of prayer. To know that the life within us is offering up the real substance of communication with our Father is to rest assured that He hears us, which causes this true communion with God to become a living and real part of our life instead of a forced attempt. Life is always better, don't you think? :)

Love, Jim

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Hi Jim, Yeah you know, I liked this too. I actually was going to write you about a helpful nugget I gleaned from one of your writings last week. It was just he phrase “subjective vs. objective”. I know we spend allot of our own time trying to force many things into our subjective experience yet, I wonder how much of this Life really IS ministered objectively instead? With not being able to subjectively experience the Spirit helping us in our weakness I think we just skip over it as if it makes no valid sense. The problem though with that is that I see our over all subjective experience matching up with that very verse! We just don’t realize it! lol A

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