5 Jun 2007

Your adherents rarely disagree with you

Submitted by theshovel
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You obviously have a lot of strong adherents who rely on your teaching and rarely if ever disagree with you.

There’s an odd thing about appearances … things just ain’t what they seem. If you actually pay attention to the relatively few comments sent in my direction you would begin to notice that most appreciate me for the encouragement of life in Christ that I communicate. Beyond that you don’t really know if the person agrees or disagrees with things not mentioned. On the other hand, you can find throughout my Q&A section and other comments to past Shoveletters that there are obviously a considerable number of folks who differ with me on many things. Heck, most people disagree with me anyhow and it takes just a few questions to make it obvious.

You make a common assumption though about people becoming dependent upon me, but it doesn’t take too long for folks to realize that they don’t need me. And that’s where I want them … it’s been a common thread in my message. It is encouraging though for me that some will still remember and appreciate me. Most go their own way once they’ve gained their sense of confidence in Christ. Every so often I’ll hear from those. I won’t try to tell you that I never enjoy the stroke, but those who start out thinking I’m the best thing going almost always end up telling me how misguided I am.

Like I say, assumptions …

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