7 Oct 2007

Invested in my message?

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From a discussion on the Shack back in 2007

My hope is that you will be able to understand what I am saying. I believe I know what you are saying. But you seem to be trying to convince me of this thing, which means we may not get anywhere. You kind of have the role of the pastor/teacher, so you are very invested in the message you are seeing. —Isaac

I know that some consider me as a pastor or teacher —and I’m somewhat okay with that— but have no fear, I hold no such illusions that you see me as such. Now, I’m sure there’s much I don’t know about you and what you believe (and I suspect that neither one of us has the time to really get to know the other), nor do I think you really understand what I am saying. If you did, I don’t think you would keep referring to it as a message or a doctrine, that is, as if the thing I’m really concerned about is merely my stance or my message. Why do I follow up with you (as I did in this last batch of posts)? No, it’s not primarily toward you in an attempt to convince you of what I’m saying, because I knew going into it that you would pretty much view it as you’ve stated. But I do know that most of the time the things we’ve come to see in Christ have often taken years of a shaking and rattling that goes on the background. Concerning you, I am satisfied to challenge the objections you put forth, knowing that our Father can do whatever he wants with it in the long run. I also took the time to write what I did as an encouragement of life to others who frequent this hangout.

Jim :)

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