1 Jan 2001

Am I a pastor?

Submitted by theshovel
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Am I a pastor? To some, I function as one. But I am not connected with any formal church at the present. Our only regular meeting is a small Sunday afternoon group that meets in one of three homes on a very informal setting. I have had the opportunity to teach of Christ with them for over a year now. There's always one-on-one or other small get-togethers that happen around here from time to time. Then, there's the Internet. I stay quite busy communicating with believers here.


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Hi Jim,

Just for interest...not ego...you have functioned as a pastor for me for two or three years now. As I moved away from the traditional church where I "pastored" for several years to follow where I think God has led your words or the words the Life of Christ has poured through you have provided me with a touch of sanity when I thought I was losing it. The New Covenant has been completely redefined and is alive. In the mean time...we now have a church (functioning as a cultural contact) through which we share (at other times and places) life in Christ. No salary, no buildings, no structure... it is pretty glorious to see God in these messed up people. You have been a big part of it and I have never met you other than your words on a web site. Pretty cool. Thanks! Herb

Thanks, Herb!

I appreciate hearing that. It's quite an encouragement. :)


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