6 Sep 2008

Perceptions of law in the natural mind

Submitted by theshovel
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Hey do you think that the only thing an unbeliever can see when a child of God speaks to them is law? ... I have realized TODAY that there are only 2 kinds of thoughts and two kinds of people [worlds] One is the darkness and the other is the light. anonymous

Yes, and it's no wonder that only confusion and/or judgment could result when attempting to reason the expression of one according to the other. Those who are of the world can only reason according to the world. The principles of the world's logic are the same as that of the law, so that even if someone is not reasoning directly according to THE law he still sees things according to the same principles. While many times I've sensed that an unbeliever is hearing or seeing gracious realities from me, I cannot ignore the fact that those things are being forced into a rigid framework. It indeed takes the Spirit of God to break those realities free from the categorization of the old mind. The world can talk about grace and love, and yet their understandings are inevitably linked to the same system by which one is deemed better or worse than another.

I understand the unrelatability you speak of. There have been many times when someone will seem to pick up on a bit of life that I've spoken, but I have come to realize - after continuing on with how that bit related to the whole - that too often that bit was being forced into another perspective altogether. You know, it's that bittersweet awareness of knowing that someone who starts out praising my "insight" may end up condemning me once they realize I don't hold it according to their framework of performance and judgment. Sometimes I just let people take what I say however they want, without giving them any more. Partly, I know that only God can make it real to them, but I also know that it would be less painful to deal with the reactions.


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