1 Jan 2003

The assumptions of the lawman about the graceman

Submitted by theshovel
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Those who count on the motivation that comes from guilt and fear will assume that your "emphasis on grace" is deceptive and that you are turning your back on "serving the Lord" or "pleasing the Lord". You remember what it's like to be caught up in the "confess and sin" cycle, right? The problem was that you didn't realize that the cycle was CAUSED by thing that was supposed to help break it! Every "sin-cycle" we get caught in causes a similar blindness so that we ASSUME that those who are not running on the same wheel we are must not be taking their responsibility seriously. It's nuts! It's irrational! But it's called LAW and it desires to suck the life out of us under the pretense of strengthening us.

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Now, if any of you are hearing this with the spirit of condemnation hanging over your head, it’s only because you’re trying to hold on to two radically different propositions at the same time. It’s like trying to travel east and west simultaneously. But trying to do the one while believing we are still doing the other is the very thing that leaves us confused and paralyzed. You see, asking God to help you to remove your sin is built upon the assumption that Jesus Christ hasn’t already done it. source