1 Jan 2000

Judgment seat and cross connected?

Submitted by theshovel
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Could the judgment seat and the cross be connected?

I bet you have no idea how few have picked up on what you have figured out about standing before the judgment seat. It was so refreshing to hear you ask if that could be it. Yep! The judgment seat and the cross are like flip-sides of the same coin as I see it. It's not like there's some Roman looking judgment seat waiting for us where God will figure out what He's going to do with us. It was done in Christ on the cross. Everything revolves around the finished work of Christ. The only difference in the future (from our perspective) is the matter of appearance. We will then be seen exactly as He has already made us in Christ. What we see will eventually match exactly what we are. It doesn't match now, but that doesn't change who and what we are now ... but it sure doesn't look like it or feel like it.

Both Paul and John made reference to things as they WILL be seen for the purpose of making it clear the reality of what is true about us even though we can't see it. The "judgment seat" was alluded to in the two Corinthian letters because those believers had gotten so caught up in making judgments based on the senses of the fleshly mind. His use of the judgment seat was to make the point that you see so well in David's desire to be judged by God rather than man. And as you said, the judgment has already been made so that we can stand CONFIDENT before Him ... and not in INSECURITY as in standing before man's judgment. The Corinthians were also forced to consider that some of their other teachers may have been misleading them. It would become more obvious to them each time they listened to the fleshly wisdom and human motivations being dished out by those impostors. Yep, there were impostors among them purposely trying to mislead. If you read all the way through 2 Corinthians Paul says these "ministers of righteousness" were nothing less than Satan's ministers, aka, ministers of sin. Yikes! Huh? That's why Paul sounded harsh in some of the things he was saying.

Of course, I realize that I have probably stirred up more questions than I answered, but I love doing that anyway!! :)

Love Jim


Very encouraging my brother. Here were you said: “The only difference in the future (from our perspective) is the matter of appearance. We will then be seen exactly as He has already made us in Christ.” Jim I could not help but have that reminder of what had been eluded to in some of the mainstream information in the church about a progressive-growth of this appearance. In other words, the focus was not on the reality that we are NOW like Him, but rather that SOMEDAY we will have grown enough, in this life to be considered to be “like Him” in that day somewhere in the unknown future when He returns….Know what I mean? Love, Adam
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I very much know what you mean, my brother!

Jim :)

I don’t know, Adam. We cannot say here in these physical bodies we have reached glorification since that comes upon physical death. Yes, the work in us is finished through Christ. It is not progressive-growth as you say, Christ and I are one. I/You have divine DNA now and we are like Him. Yes, I am complete through him, and I rest in Him as we live in union, but the “NOW like Him” as you say,?!?! What about physical death? I will reach that “NOW like Him” when I die. Christ said before ascension, ‘Do not touch me because I have not yet gone to the Father to be glorified.’ And, the verse about seeing through a mirror dimly. An indication of completeness yet to come. However, before the crucifiction Christ said, ‘I and the Father are one’ and ‘I only do what the Father tells me.’ More to come? Yes, and we groan in anticipation to be NOW like Him. Just a thought. Thank you for sharing.

Hello Visitor, Now why would that thought come to you to say what you have said in reaction to what I wrote? Did I say anything at all about our receiving glorified bodies? It’s funny, the fleshly mind I think sometimes hides behind the reality of our being risen in glorified bodies someday with Him as way to say something like “I know I’m not perfect, but God knows that I need a new body so He grades me on a curve”. To me though, this just reinforces the lie that what we ARE is not already made perfect. My point is that it does NOT appear that way, which incidentally is the very reason we so desperately cling to Bible passages that give us a “break” or at least force God to give us a temporary pardon or a second look. The flesh says “Just gimme a chance Lord, I am going to get better!” Anyway,yes we are NOW like Him. Then, we shall see Him as He is without the temporary in the way. That’s at least my hope. Love, Adam

Truthfully physical life and death have almost no Bering on the true life of God found in Christ. Being alive to God in Christ and all that is involved with that is not dependent on our physical deaths. Christ being our life is a now thing. And we being like Him is a now thing. Really look at the man Jesus Christ if we need to wait to be like He was then what would be the point? Jesus Christ came to be the way now in us now. He is our life now. The funny part is the more we are like He was with God as our life the less likely it is that any would believe it. Just like Jesus unless God shows you most think you are just some kind of freak. And that is why they killed Him they had no idea who or what He really was. This is the way for all who have this very same life in them now.

“…we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us…” 2Cor.4:7

The good news of Christ in us is a treasure hidden in earthen vessels.  It is a temporary physical condition that shall pass, and all will be revealed to be as it truly is.  Oh what a day that will be!  :)

In the mean time, the treasure is secure and sometimes the Light shines so bright we can not even see it!  LOL

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