1 Apr 2001

Judgment or welcoming arms?

Submitted by theshovel
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When Christ returns will there be no judgment seat...just welcoming us with open arms? N

As far as being brought into a place of judgment where we will be held accountable for our sins, there is no such thing. Actually, the judgment seat we will find ourselves standing before has been and will continually remain to be the open-armed welcome of our Father because of His judgment of us through Christ. THAT judgment or evaluation never ceases ... and we will find ourselves continually glorying in the burning up of the old for it will be an everlasting relief to us that none of it touched our true characters in Christ! We have missed so many realities that were supposed to be understood through the examples and pictures and places used to relate these realities and have instead opted for the concept of the picture. The judgment seat is just like this for we have been bamboozled to ignore the incredible eternal reality found in always standing before a hard and fast judgment that cannot to be altered by pulling one over on THE JUDGE WHOSE JUDGMENT IS TRUE! His judgment makes the distinction between that which is of man and that which is of Himself ... and no one is to tamper with the building (us) that He has made holy!

Your judgment seat stuff made me hyper!!!!!!!!! Seriously...I would love to have all your stuff in some sort of bound edition to share with others. Any hope of that? I wanted to print all the judgment seat stuff off for my husband but it would run the ink out of my print cartridge...I'd rather buy it. He doesn't like to read online. But if there is no hope of that...I guess I'll print it out. KEEP WRITING!! love, N

Another reader responds:

Don't we still have to give an account before God? Doesn't it mean what it says?anonymous

It means what it says, but I do not believe that what we have come to think it means is at all what it says! This is what I will be dealing with in the upcoming Shoveletters. :)

Now, until those arrive you may want to check out the context of the passages in question and ask WHY did he bring this up at this point in his letter? How did he lead up to it? Where was he taking it (in other words, how did this continue to set the stage for everything that followed)? WHO was being addressed ... and how would it have impacted THEIR perspective?


. and no one is to tamper with the building (us) that He has made holy!-Jim Jim, I wonder if you might say a few words about the comment Paul did make about if any would destroy Gods temple[which we are] God would destroy him. What was he implying here?

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