27 Sep 2003

What about the virgin birth?

Submitted by theshovel
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And when you talk of Jesus Christ, I know you're talking of a physical resurrection, but are you also speaking of a virgin birth? - Sorry for the stupid question, but there's quite alot of argument on the virgin birth. I mean is this something I shouldn't be trying to figure out, or this a statement of 'Faith'?

It's not a stupid question. Mary was a virgin when God put his own seed within her, for the seed was not the sperm of a man, but instead, the sperm of God. Arguments be damned, for Jesus' daddy was God himself. Those who want to argue the point - on either side - aren't usually too concerned with real life in the first place, only religion. In other words, ones rejection that God was in Christ is proportionate to the reality that God is also in us, and vice versa. It all comes back to our own fear that we have no real significance. [As a side note, Mary obviously didn't remain a virgin as she had other children by Joseph.]

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