1 Mar 2002

Humanity made complete

Submitted by theshovel
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What has the Fire revealed to you yourself most recently about Him and you, and you in Him? Just felt to ask, as we are to be built up as we each speak "The Truth in Love" to one another. Your shovel letters I know represent some of what you're hearing, but I suspect there's other things you're hearing too. Leo

Hello Leo

There is an incredible awareness that has been brewing within me for quite some time in reference to being "human", or what it means to have been created in the image of God. Everywhere I look and everything I experience witnesses to the reality that humanity was MADE to be "complete" rather than to be the empty thing we have come to know. All the illusions of greatness and goodness are there for a reason, and that reason is simple: the void within the emptiness has convinced us of something grand, something magnificent, that SHOULD be present, but has been somehow missing.

The something missing is, of course, the life of God, which is the very element that changes everything and that makes the creation complete in EVERY way. His life touches every minute detail, not because He makes the details relevant, but because He has made US relevant. His presence in our life is not a wonderful ADDITION or even a REPLACEMENT of what we are, but is instead the very MEANING of what we were made to be. All else has merely been ILLUSION, while His life in us through Christ is the only true reality.

I cannot view the world around me by what it appears to be but only in view of the new creation in Christ. This is not only because there's a Bible verse that says it, but that in EVERYTHING I SEE I am convinced of the simple truth that there IS NO TRUE LIFE OUTSIDE THAT OF CHRIST, and that true life will always be mistaken by those who scrutinize it with the viewpoint of the dead. I don't need Christ in any kind of a religious way, I need Him because I cannot be complete in any way without Him. And I am impacted by this in my relationships and in my isolation and in watching a movie or reading a story or in answering email or looking at any part of the creation. I am even impacted by it when reading the Bible. :)


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