12 Jun 2006

How do you remain rooted so strongly?

Submitted by theshovel
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Hello Jim, Thank you for your devotion to God & being available for us. I'm telling you, I'm just so knocked off course this morning. How do you remain rooted so strongly? I wish I could realize that way of life. Anyway, that neighbor man who was "bothering" me knows I'm moving out of town and has been relentless in coming after me, day and night. I know that my past life of being abused and broken apart mentally has left me feeling defenseless against some authority figures. I wish I could realize Jesus as "the" Authority figure, ya know? A nice Authority figure, as opposed to a scary, mean one. My son went out the door to go to work yesterday and said to me, "Mom, be strong in the Lord." I guess he discerned my anxiety. But I thought, "I AM strong in the Lord... cuz He is strong and I am one with Him." Right? But I was trembling in fear and walked down to the liquor store and bought a small bottle of brandy to steady my nerves. And of course, seeing that my son wasn't at home, that neighbor man rapped loudly on my door, as usual. And like always, I felt to fight him in my own strength and "wit". And once again, I lost. Sorta. Physically I won, but emotionally I did not. I'm ashamed and wrecked today. I hate my doubting and my fear and everything else about me that keeps casting a shadow onto Christ Jesus. I really hate myself today. I don't wanna be a bad testimony. He deserves better, right? Does God really understand my fear? Or is He disgusted about that? Thank you for listening. In Him, T

Hello dear T,

How do I remain rooted so strongly? I can tell you that if you were to get inside my head you'd realize that I don't feel so strongly rooted much of the time. It is in the weakness of my flesh that I have come to realize that I have no true strength, that HE is my strength. That is not a testimony to some kind of an ability on my part to stand firm, but in having given up on trying to stand in the delusion of strength. What I'm suggesting to you is that your own realization of the futility to stand against this man leaves you with no option other than to know where your life REALLY resides. Also, if you have no real strength in your flesh, know that this man has no real strength either. His attacks, though they may scar your flesh, cannot scar who you really are in Christ. See both yourself, as well as this man, according to real life. What is considered something in this world is considered nothing in God. Remember, this God who considers this world as nothing is your very life. Maybe you lost according to fleshly perception, but not according to God. Be not ashamed.

Love, Jim


“What I’m suggesting to you is that your own realization of the futility to stand against this man leaves you with no option other than to know where your life REALLY resides.”_Jim In many of your helpful responses over the years, I have seen things like this stated on many occasions. This morning I made a bit of a conclusion about the nature of your helpful insight. The conclusion is that you are simply explaining the promised reality of God as described by Paul to work ALL things together for the good for those who love Him. That is actually and quite literally what you are describing here. Many will never realize it because it is not worded that way, really ever in your writing responses but, that is exactly what you are describing. Even things I can remember you saying about ‘all of life is our training ground in Christ’ are explaining this exact same promise. It explains exactly what you have written above. All those ‘threatening’ and seemingly ‘wasted’ experiences are actually A God of love working out His truthful understanding to us miraculously in the midst…that is for us who are in Him and have been given the mind of Christ so as to understand the things freely given to us in the midst of any and all situations. How else could we ‘rejoice’ whenever we enter into tough circumstances? You know in Romans were Paul says the we rejoice in our trials? Also that trials produce perseverance? We can easily look at that from a fleshly perspective[and most often do] and think that this is some call to a worldly grunt- it- out kind of thing. But that is not what he was describing . He was talking about the EFFECT of knowing this grace in all things that PRODUCES a sense of perseverance in this world that actually preserves us inwardly! That is how come we are then making claim to perseverance! Because of something inside us that is revealed in our tough situations that is SO heavenly that we could not contrive it from any other place than the miraculous royalty of the Son of God. We are not on the outside looking in, we are in the Christ and are given all the benefits of having the very joining together of Him who is perfect before God.

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