13 Aug 2005

Maybe grace is for other people, not for me

Submitted by theshovel
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My experience is that "where sin abounds" condemnation abounds. If I screw up in the slightest, I get an immediate bullet to the head. Maybe grace is for other people, but not for me. What am I missing?

Maybe your meaning of grace is connected with how you think others should treat you rather than how you truly exist as a new creation in Christ. I'm not suggesting that Christ in another shouldn't or won't affect how the other views you and therefore treats you, but I suspect that what you say and perceive about grace is only connected with how you think you haven't been treated in grace by those who give you the immediate bullet to the head. You must know this grace between yourself and God first and foremost. I hear your confidence waiting to be established upon how someone else views and treats you and not upon Christ alone.


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How can you realize the freedom you have in Christ? I say that you will discover it, more times than not, in the midst of the bondage that still seems to hold you down. You see, the power of the gospel is not found merely in the words of its testimony of Jesus’ death and resurrection, it is found in the reality that has been brought about because of who he is and what he has done. That reality is that Christ is in you. He is there, and his life witnesses from within you … despite all the doubts that you think actually come from within you. source