24 Mar 2007

Does God reveal Himself in a vacuum?

Submitted by theshovel
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Jim, I just saw this random shovel quote: "You can never understand Jesus by figuring him out or by gaining more intellectual understanding, for his life is within you and it is only understood by revelation." Do you think, however, by placing ourselves in the environment of the Scriptures, either by reading, hearing, remembering, etc. that we are in a better situation for understanding His revelation to us? In other words, does He reveal Himself to us in a vacuum? Brother, these things you share are stimulating to me, but I have many years of thoughts to evaluate. Hope you understand. Tim

Hello Tim,
Are we ever really in a vacuum? Life and experience itself sets the stage for many insights that he gives to us. Now, I have often been encouraged by the words written in the Bible, however, I'd have to say that in view of the many who have looked to the scriptures without having seen Christ that the chances are sometimes worse rather than better! :) On the other hand, I've often found revelation of him within the scriptures probably because I was looking for him. I have also experienced revelation (Christ) within some very odd and unexpected situations ... and people. The truth is that he IS wherever we are ... how can we escape him or his revelation? :)


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