21 Jan 2005

At a loss to understand this God

Submitted by theshovel
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Let see if I have this right? God knows the beginning from the end-he is AllKnowing. God created man (mankind) knowing full well that man would sin and plunge the world into a cursed state God created man knowing the penalty for that sin God created HELL for the devil etc knowing full well than mankind would also face that end unless they accepted Jesus as their saviour - confessed Him as LORD and "Be Born Again". God knows who will become His and who will perish He knew the devastation on the earth caused by man to man - man to animal -man to environment. Is God sovereign ????Of course He is - The argument is that he gave man a free will to choose his own destiny - knowing that the majority of mankind would choose their own path and not that of God thus sealing their fate - God KNEW all this and He still went ahead and created mankind -some for saving some for destruction. Not only that He refuses or maybe selectively chooses to help and protect some individuals so that they can hear the "Good News" but others don't seem to have that opportunity - He protects some of His people and not others Is He a loving God or not? If He faithful? Does he have favourites? Why do some Christians go through life struggling and persecution (especially in developing countries) and other Christians have plenty and more than plenty aren't all supposed to be equal If as a parent I give good things to my child then as a loving Father would not God give more - I would protect my child - and if I had known the outcome of this world and the way things would be I would never have brought a child into it - Why did God? I would not under any circumstance have had a child no matter how much of a desire I had for one. OH I forgot "we were made for His pleasure - does God take pleasure in seeing His creation self destruct? I am at a loss to understand this God - he Loves - Hie Is Love but it is a love I do not understand given the history of this world I do not beleive that you would have answers to my questions that will satisfy me completely but perhaps you could give some help Regards Sharyl

Hello my dear lady!

At one time - many years ago - I would have attempted to tackle your questions one by one in hopes you might learn a proper "Biblical" perspective on each. However, after having shaken off so much of the religious muck that once held me in the quagmire you so eloquently describe I can only see the futility of trying to figure God and his plan out. What I'm saying is that what you struggle with is merely an illusion of truth -- for the natural mind of man simply cannot understand God's wisdom. That's why you'll always end up clashing between stated "truths" and their "consequences".

Hey, I fully understand where you're at. I've not only been there myself but will be there in a blink of the eye whenever I think I can figure this stuff out. When I was a child I can remember the inability to understand the vastness of space and couldn't get pass the need to make it stop somewhere - like an earthen barrier - only to realize that something would have to be on the other side. I'm sure I've gotten smarter over the years, but the bottom-line truth is that I was simply forced to make peace with the fact that I really can't explain infinity, regardless how many smart people with degrees and theories think they've finally got it all figured out.

The real answer to all your questions is Jesus Christ, the son of God. No, not the religious figurehead, but the raised-from-the-dead new creation. Christ is the knowledge and wisdom of God. In him is the reality of what it means to be "born again" for he became the new creation through his death and resurrection. He is the one and only "favorite" of God. In him all things will be made right ... despite the fact that all the world around you screams out to the contrary. Do you realize the good news tells you that God holds nothing against you because of Christ?

Forget all you know or think you know for there is another reality that is far more real than anything you can see with your eyes, hear with your ears, or imagine with all your understanding. I hope to hear from you again! :)


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