4 Jan 2007

Fearful of the stigma for what I believe

Submitted by theshovel
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I have been considering this issue....I think God is beginning to show me it IS indeed true. I am absolutely petrified because of the stigma I might get for believing this truth, just like being a believer in the completeness of the cross... anonymous

Hello, my friend!

Stigma? I think you worry way too much about what anybody else might think about you for what you may or may not believe. Sometimes I just have to shake my head at the number of comments made regarding one's status as "heretic" or something similar, as if such a designation either proves or disproves a particular belief to be true or not true ... when in fact all it means is that based upon one's position the other is regarded false. When it all comes down to the bottom line our "beliefs" and "issues" (even a belief labeled "the completeness of the cross") are usually shown up to be little more than our intellectual leanings at a given time ... and real faith is revealed as being the miraculous reality of Christ that it really is.

Love, Jim

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