1 Jan 2000

Send kids to church to learn false doctrines?

Submitted by theshovel
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Do you think it is harmful to send my children to church every sunday where they learn such things as positions in heaven, rewards, judgment seat etc? I am really starting to question that. Thanks, N.

Good question. You may find yourself in the place where it seems to be a lesser of two evils, but with God we are always found in victory. It can be very harmful ... unless challenged. It can be very worthwhile when challenged. What your kids are dealing with in a church that teaches these positions is no different than what they are experiencing on every other level in their lives. To be able to tie these seemingly unrelated measuring systems together for your kids will give them an incredible foundation to understand so many contradictions in the world around them. The only reason we fall for the concept of positions of achievement in the body of Christ is because we have come to accept it on every other level. We really think that having a higher position in this world makes one better even though we may deny it ... for just watch what happens when we get promoted by man!! To know who were are in this world is also to know who we are in reality before God. To know who we are before God gives us the confidence to function wherever we find ourselves in this world.

Having said all that, you may find that it may be profitable for a time to take your kids to that church ... or you may find that you have stayed too long and desire to pull out. Monitor your children's reactions and discussions carefully and don't be afraid to do whatever you think is good for them ... no one loves them like you do!

Love, Jim

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