1 Jan 2001

My son says hope is an expectation of what MIGHT happen

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My son says "hope" is an expectation of what MIGHT happen Natalie

Hi Natalie!

Well, tell (your son) that he is wrong! hahaha! That should make you feel much better.

The meaning of hope has been changed over the years to signify a desire or a wishful thinking, such as "hoping Santa Claus will bring me a new bike", etc. That sense of hope is non-existent in the Bible when it speaks of hope. Of course, wishful thinking has always been around, but the word hope has to do with "expectation" or "anticipation". I've been told the meaning of the word means "joyful anticipation".

Consider Abraham (Hebrews uses him in reference to hope and faith): he went out from his society and from his people looking for that which God promised. He never settled anywhere because his attention and focus was on something "better". So he wandered the land with his hope - expectation - on God, Himself.

Paul wrote that our hope is Christ, Himself. There is not the slightest suggestion that He MIGHT be our life and reality right now and in the ages to come.

So, be confident as you share the person of Christ who is our hope! :)

Love, Jim

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