28 Mar 2004

Faith in Christ vs Faith of Christ

Submitted by theshovel
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There has been great debate over this whole issue of faith IN vs. faith OF for centuries … and I suspect it will continue on for centuries to come because of the mistaken notion that truth can be ascertained by scholastics.

The fact is that there are far more references to “faith IN Christ” than there are to “faith OF Christ”, but to argue one over the other might be missing the point when BOTH of those phrasings mean the same thing … as FAITH itself is all part of the miraculous! It has only been because religion has embedded itself into one wording over another that faith-in or faith-of seem to be speaking of different things.

Now, having said all that, the distinction Dave S. has made regarding a “faith” that is of a man vs. the faith that is of Christ remains a very valid one. I’m convinced the distinction only sounds semantic because of the underlying shift that has taken place in an attempt to destroy the sense of the miraculous … all under the guise of Biblical studies and Christian doctrine.

The reality is that there is a whole world known as “Christianity” that will endlessly speak of THEIR faith in Christ … and yet how many of us have been hit smack upside the head with the suspicion that most are talking about something else altogether … as if we’re speaking a different language even though we might be using a lot of the same words that are found in the same writings commonly quoted from the Bible?

Anyhow, I wanted to share these thoughts before hitting the sack … as I have already been scolded from the kitchen for staying up past my bedtime!!!

Let us never forget how miraculously different the faith we speak of is from that which is taught by the religious world!!

Love, Jim

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