1 Jan 2000

Speak when they know my past?

Submitted by theshovel
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Aha! So you're a PK-in-law, huh? No wonder you've gone through so much. :)

You've been given a rare gift in what you have gone through ... do not forget what you've seen. You have been given insight into the confusion that is going on inside of both believer and unbeliever. Whatever you do, don't get used to it and assume it was just you. God has given this to you for them. :) Whatever you do, do not give them your view ... speak to them of the reality of Christ, and Him crucified as it in fact touches upon every experience. I don't suggest that you nit-pick or hammer them ... but always be listening for what is really going on in every situation ... for it is rarely what appears to be happening. But your new eyes in Christ have experienced much of the facade; and you have been brought through it to realize what is happening so you can speak directly to the real stuff and not be fooled by the pretense. Those of God hear the words of God even though they may challenge you to your face, but leave that up to the Spirit for He is doing His work. This means you never have to get into religious games and debates. Speak the words of life, bro!

Love, Jim :)

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