1 Jan 2003

Estimation of oneself based upon another

Submitted by theshovel
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My day rises or falls based on my girlfriend. BTW, how are YOU doing? anonymous

Yes, I understand basing the evaluation of your day upon another person. It's easy to say, Just don't do it, but that is not only ineffective, it's counterproductive. Going through such experiences is all part of how God teaches us that our day - our life - is NOT based upon other people, but is only found in Christ. But how do I love someone when I'm trying to get something out of them that they just do not have? Once the infatuation fades (which is a wonderful feeling while it's there) and I begin to discover that the person cannot meet my needs, what am I left with? Let this experience convince you of the reality that Christ is indeed your life. You may even end up with a good relationship with your girlfriend in the process. :)

What am I going through right now, huh? I go through the same kind of trials and questionings as you do. I get an email or two that questions my motives and sincerity or my "error" and it begins to nag at me that maybe I should just get off the computer. I go to work everyday, but every so often I wonder if I missed something there. I could have been a manager of my own store by now had I gone for it (like my brother) and be making enough money to buy a new house and a new car or two that isn't falling apart. I can get caught up in watching others and evaluating myself by how I compare to them. Of course, it all depends on how I think I'm doing at the time, but mostly, I would be convinced that I'm sitting somewhere at the lower end of the scale. It is through real stuff like this that I go through on a daily basis that I am finding Christ as my life. It is only in Him that I find my worth. Having people tell me how wonderful I am is no true measure since I have had some of those same people turn around and scrutinize me for "error" and evil intentions. I am learning to simply take all things in view of Christ. If there is anything of Him in it then it is worthwhile whether I'm seeing it accurately or not. All things are pure to those who have been made pure in Him.



I don’t exactly know how but, this reminds me of the constant thing in me that assumes those of the world are just doing things they way I[in Christ] would. i OFTEN ASSUME AND OPERATE TRUSTING THAT THOSE OF THE WORLD WILL JUST DO GOOD WITHOUT ME HAVING TO TAKE THEM TO THE LAW OF THE LAND.[woops unwanted caps]Everytime I get a sneaky thief that has been lurking under the radar to see if I was not noticing them overcharging me for something for a long period of time .. I always act and feel surprised by the deed and kick my self for not ‘being on top of it’. Still it is a sobering reminder of the need for the law for those who do not have Christ. I see great testimony to the Truth in Christ in my trial. Adam

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