1 Jan 1999

Master Blueprint for the Church?

Submitted by theshovel
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I wish I knew that plan. And not just any old plan, but the master blueprint plan, the blueprint to the Body of Jesus ... I mean detailed, spelled out plan. The BIG picture. anonymous

I wonder how many of the denominations and cults began - and continue - under the premise that they HAVE received the master blueprint from God Himself?

What if the bride of Christ only APPEARS dysfunctional? What if we assume that since the institutions are dysfunctional that the body must also be? Believe me, I know what you are seeing when you look at "the body of Christ" and see dysfunction ... for I see it too. Why else would Paul have written:

For I DETERMINED to know nothing among you except Christ, and him crucified 1 Corinthians 2:2

Because HE saw the dysfunction, too! I think he became overwhelmed many, many times at what appearance demanded ... and in spite of what his eyes and ears told him he determined to see them ONLY in Christ. He KNEW that the appearance was the false perception, but he was no different than you or I in that what he saw with his eyes and heard with his ears kept insisting to him every single day to disbelieve what was really true about himself, the believers, and the world around him.

Another person responded to this question with simplicity

What makes you think that He hasn't already revealed that master plan...Christ in us? W

So ... what if?

Jim Minker

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