8 Jan 2006

Live by grace and still worship in church-like setting?

Submitted by theshovel
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my question is, how does one live by grace and still worship and fellowship in a "church-like" setting without living by law? Jodi

Hello Jodi!
Now, assuming this is neither a hypothetical nor rhetorical question, I'm guessing you know what it is to have experienced disappointment with some church-like worship and fellowship. I suspect you have fond memories of a few occasions where the worship and fellowship was amazing and would love to repeat those kind of experiences over and over again. What do I suggest? Live as one who is truly free and alive, for that is what you are. The rest will take care of itself.

Love, Jim :)


My husband grew up in a Christian household. In short, he always believed you have to attend church, putting himself and us under the law. Since we have been learning this new grace and freedom we have in Christ. We cannot sit through a church service where they teach their congregation that if they do not spend good quality time in God’s word, then we’ve turned our back on Him. We know this isn’t true. My husband misses church. I think he just wants to fellowship with Christians who believe in this freedom. We live in the Tampa area. Do you know of a church or small group setting near here that does not teach under the law? I know that I do not have to attend a church to have that relationship with Christ. On the other hand I do understand where my husband is coming from. It would be incredible to be able to have conversations with like minded Christians. it would be like reading all the topics and discussions on your website but face to face. I truly appreciate the time you put into your website. It’s helped me in so many ways.

Billie Kirk

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Hello Billie Kirk! Thanks for your wonderful response. I love hearing this stuff. I don’t know of any group in the Tampa area, but maybe someone will see this and know of something. :)


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