9 Jun 2007

Christian Verbiage

Submitted by theshovel
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Jim, I just spent some time rereading and reading for the first time some more of your writing, I think I beginning to get your "drift" on this whole issue of Christian verbiage taking away from a actual life experience in and with Jesus. I am a slow learner and old habits are hard to break, besides, I think your way smarter then me. Thanks for your patience. In Christ, George

Yes, I think you are beginning to catch my drift. :) It's not that I disapprove of doctrinal or theological words, but I really have to question what they mean to the one who uses them. I also notice that much of the time their use seems to steer clear of what we are really thinking. The fact is that most of the time we don't think in terms of these words in connection with our everyday lives and thoughts. It's as if we have to make an unnatural shift just to be able to communicate the things of God ... as if by thinking in more lofty terms we are better able to speak of God. Instead of making sense out of our perceptions of God and his salvation (as well as our communication one with another) the use of certain words often hinders it. I often observe a disconnect from real life that plays out in direct relation the introduction of certain words and phrases.

Jim :)

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