21 Jun 2007

What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit?

Submitted by theshovel
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What do you think it means to be filled with the Spirit and is that a condition one may or not be in at a given point in time, due to un-confessed sin, lack of faith, un-yieldedness, etc? TP

I think being filled with the Spirit is part of our reality in Christ, for we are being led by the Spirit. I also think Paul's "command" is all part of the miraculous call that breaks through the surface of our perceptions that we are otherwise. We seem to look at those words and think Paul was basing his statement upon our NOT being filled with the Spirit, and therefore needing to be told to get that way by some means, such as "un-confessed sin, lack of faith, un-yieldedness, etc". What if we were to hear that miraculous call as a living word that continually breaks through the illusion that would have us deny the reality we have been born into in Christ? Then it would become a wonderful word, wouldn't it? It wouldn't suggest lack, it would become the demand that we have no lack in the midst of surroundings that keep saying we are lacking. It wouldn't suggest sin, it would stand as a testimony that we have been freed from sin. It wouldn't suggest un-yieldedness, it would demand that we have been made to be servants of righteousness. It is a good word, but the religious perversion of how we hear the words that form it deny its true meaning. I just think it's time to hear it for what it truly is instead of clinging to a form of words that only end up telling us something other.

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Hello Jim, Yes the way the wording stands currently “do not get drunk on wine but, rather be filled with the Spirit”, you have to wonder if maybe even the translator was confused as to what it TRULY meant? Whether it was them or us[or both] just looking on the surface, this certainly has been a long debated verse for sure. It seems to read as if it were a law of restriction. It seems to be saying there is something to not do and to do. Something to perform instead of something to realize. That aside, what if like you said this was only pointing out the very reality they were missing? To BE filled is quite possibly a call to embrace faith as it was probably pushed aside for something inferior.

Being filled with the Spirit in this passage wasn’t so much about it being detoured by a lack of being yielded to God but, seemed more directly related to refraining from getting drunk. The emphasis I am sure took on a meaning other than this because most thought they were doing pretty well with this particular activity. yet the famous warning if you will, seems to still be in place. I think allot of folks here this as a law and begin to ask..how much is enough? How much can I drink and get away with still being in Gods good graces?[be able to filled with the Spirit]

we can scare easily.  we can be made to doubt easily.  we can get discouraged easily.  sometimes, in a moment, we can be led astray in our minds from what we have known better to be true.  the long line of those who seek to lead us astray in our hearts and minds, and to scare us with superstitions and ordinances made by man, and to disquiet our hearts is endless.  one deceiver will die and there will be another and even more to take their place soon enough. 

it is challenging enough when we have our own memories of things that tend to discourage us and manipulate with our hearts and minds when we pay them any attention and give them any entertainment time. 

paul was addressing a mess of things that were affecting the ephesian believers.  his encouragement was to remind them of what they knew to be true about them in Christ and to expound on it and to offer details for examples of what they had been called OUT of by the Love and Grace of GOD in Christ Jesus. 

sure they could continue in their led-astray-mentalities, but to what effect?  they were being led away in their hearts and minds by those whom they had no business even paying any mind or giving any heed, other than knowing they were liars and deceivers. 

what was controlling their hearts and minds at that time?  the love of GOD or the lies and deception of others who were determined to convince them they had no such Spirit of GOD

paul encouraged them greatly in what they DID have in Christ.  he reminded them.  and he drew distinctions concerning what was true of them and what was not.  he reminded them of what they had in common with one another in and because of Christ.  that seems to be the part that is always ignored and passed over when people read ephesians. 

those who are more concerned about having power and influence over people have no interest or concern about that which is common and united with those who are in Christ.  they will always be concerned about how to manipulate best with fear guilt and shame. 

paul was more concerned with reminding them and setting them free from the 'controls' and influence of these fools.  he was more concerned about reminding them they were SET free from them and their lies, in and because of Christ by the love of GOD, His/our Father.  :)

14that we may no more be babes, tossed and borne about by every wind of the teaching, in the sleight of men, in craftiness, unto the artifice of leading astray,

15and, being true in love, we may increase to Him in all things, who is the head – the Christ;

16from whom the whole body, being fitly joined together and united, through the supply of every joint, according to the working in the measure of each single part, the increase of the body doth make for the building up of itself in love.

17¶This, then, I say, and I testify in the Lord; ye are no more to walk, as also the other nations walk, in the vanity of their mind,

18being darkened in the understanding, being alienated from the life of God, because of the ignorance that is in them, because of the hardness of their heart,

19who, having ceased to feel, themselves did give up to the lasciviousness, for the working of all uncleanness in greediness;

20and ye did not so learn the Christsmiley


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Excellent, Sherri! This is so, so encouraging. It lifts my heart to read it. hug

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