6 Mar 2013

The Lord does not seem to be working

Submitted by theshovel
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Here’s another chat I had with my friend Mark on Facebook

i have been visited by many inquiring souls-they say the lord seems not be working given there vulnerability to different failures and sin cycles…what do you think is the problem here?

- Mark A

I think it can come from a few different things, however, law is usually the major factor. The demand for proper appearances can add to their sense of guilt. Even under a premise of grace, much law can be promoted. The natural mind is sneaky, but then again, it can’t do anything else.

that is spot on!!! its interesting how one of the sisters is telling me…why don’t her depressions go away if shes a new creation

- Mark A

You know, a lot a depression can come from simple things like what we ate last night. On top of that, when we are filled with futile expectations, we can easily fall into depression when those things don’t happen. We’ve been filled with impossible expectations since we were born. But then, we come into the amazing life of Christ and are hit by those give us futile expectations under the title of Christian. That’s what really hurts us. And the irony is that we’re being influenced to ignore the amazing working of the God of all the universe within us. The simple reality that there is no more condemnation is something that the natural man works his whole life hoping to find in a very small measure. And we already have it!

someone will say wat if i dont experience it?

- Mark A

The truth is that they are probably overlooking what is really happening because they are expecting it to happen in a more grand or bigger way.

give an example

- Mark A

An example? Sure. I overlooked the freedom of Christ when I was caught up in my own sin cycles because I was taught that serving the Lord would make me strong. So, in other words, we miss out on recognizing our true strength because we have our eyes set on something that SEEMS greater

thats very critical to observe

- Mark A

Those who are of the flesh, especially in the religious world, can only see things according to appearance.

Jim thats interesting to note…and their ideas drive us nuts. this appearance thing …seems to drive so many-why is it a default setting?

- Mark A

Because the church is filled with those who have interpreted the Bible accordingly.

why do we so easily discount the work of Christ and dwell on appearances?

- Mark A

There are so many preachers and teachers who counsel us according to appearances … using a Bible that seems to back them up. There are just too many voices that seem to agree.

very true. too many…just overwhelming

- Mark A

But then again, even without all craziness we have today, it was still the same back then. We want validation that LOOKS like real validation.


- Mark A

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