14 Feb 2013

Objective vs Subjective

Submitted by theshovel
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what do you think about the objective work of Christ and subjective work (our experience)? Sounds like people emphasize the subjective.

- Mark A

Hello my friend Mark! Yeah, I think most do emphasize the subjective because it can be made all about us and not Christ. Then again, I think theologians use the phrase “objective versus subjective” so that they can view truth in a doctrinal context. I used to make big distinctions between the objective reality of Christ and the subjective experience of the believer in such a way until the reality of our union in Christ pushed the doctrinal feel of it out of the way.

please continue…looks like u gat more to share…is there an article about this.

by the way even people who have come to understand the cross in some degree-say, “if the work of christ is not working in you then its useless”, but i think what God has done in christ is the only real thing. my experience(revelation) has nothing to say about the finished work. Please share with me. especially in line with when the holy spirit comes He will take the things of me and show them to you…what are those things?

- Mark A

The reality is that the work of Christ always does something in us, we just assume that we should be able to see it or figure it out. Those scriptures, like James’ faith and works comments, actually bring up examples of the shocking reality of how God works where we least expect it. You know, like in a prostitute who became part of Jesus’ lineage, or Abraham, a man who was going to kill his own child.

You are correct, in that we cannot examine our own experiences to make truth. Our experiences merely testify to the truth of Christ.

jim…thats ballistic…Jim you should consider coming to Uganda and share these things with us..

- Mark A


Your Q&A posts with Mark were so good to read, as they always are. I loved Mark's gentle sincerity in just wanting to know the truth and having no resistance when he heard it. There's something so special and joyful when one encounters a receptive spirit, I never tire of talking to a person like that. I got excited when I saw that he was in Uganda and that He probably will be one of the ones you will be talking to in November. Somehow I'm thinking that he's just one of the many you will encounter with that receptive heart in Uganda. I'm so excited for you to be going. (Since I can't. Ha ha). How are the plans for the trip coming along? Keep us posted.


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And what you have seen of this brother’s heart is the very reason we so easily connected. He is a very dear brother to me. :) The plans for the Ugandan trip are moving right along. The company I work for changed its way of inputting our vacation requests and only lets me request them 90 days out, which means that as of a couple days ago I’m just now able to request them.

Anyhow, I’m planning on flying to Africa around the 2nd or 3rd of November (Saturday or Sunday) and then staying just a little over a week. Mark will be setting up meeting times from Wednesday to Sunday. I’m really looking forward to sharing together with those precious saints!

Also, I’ve received about $1450 in donations, and that will really help toward the flight there and back. :)


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