14 Aug 2005

If Christ is my life then why am I not like Christ?

Submitted by theshovel
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In other words, if Christ is my life then why am I not like Christ? I am still Dave. Dave

Perhaps you underestimate the depths of what it is to be Dave: the Dave who was crucified with Christ, the Dave whose life is Christ, the Dave who lives because Christ is his life, the Dave who lives by faith in Christ. Are you still Dave? Maybe you, like I, have judged who you are by the Dave who thought his life existed in what he was or what was conferred upon him by flesh and blood. You are not what you were according to the flesh. Instead, you have now been made alive.

...if Christ is my life then why am I not like Christ? Dave

Perhaps you judge "like Christ" by the same old "like Dave" viewpoint. :)

How is Jesus your fulfillment? The life of God joined together with man. Who Jesus Christ is is also who you are. Not a truth to be reasoned but merely understood by knowing that emptiness finds fulfillment in the thing that fills it. You were empty ... but no longer.



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there is no advice in this world – even if it comes from a Bible verse or a preacher’s sermon – that can produce God’s work within you. Oh, it might make you appear more spiritually productive, but the working of God doesn’t come from the practical side of the grave … but from the living side that has risen past it. When I tell you that Christ is your life, I’m telling you about the one and only present-tense reality that causes you to live as one who is truly alive in this world. source